Our Story

Crazy Farm is a 17 hectares land located in Mansoura,West Bekaa, Lebanon that was acquired in 2008 by Mr. Fady Jamaleddine.

In 2016, a sister company called Fresh Dry Foods SAL was established to produce and process the crops of the land as well as those from the surrounding areaunder its unique brand Crazy Farm.

Crazy Farm began its first production of raisins in 2019 and was properly structured in 2020, hiring a manager, production officer, accountant, and marketing senior.

In 2021, Crazy Farm started a new line of products including onion and garlic powders and began distributing its high-end products. Since then, Crazy Farm has been expanding its business consistently.

In 2023, Mr. Ramzi Jamaleddine took over the family business "Crazy Farm" as the role of the managing partner in which he became in charge of all decisions related to Crazy Farm.

Our Products



Crazy Farms Natural Jams 


Crazy Farms Natural Powders 

  • Our Mission

    To produce and process high-quality crops from the land and surrounding area using environmentally consciouspractices. We aim to extend our activities and markets both vertically and horizontally, becoming a leader in our field.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision at Crazy Farm is to continuously improve and innovate our production processes and products, staying at the forefront of the industry and exceeding customer expectations. We strive to be a pioneer in our business and to provide a diverse and ever-evolving selection for our customers.

  • Our Values

    Crazy Farm values equality, environmental sustainability, and team involvement. We believe in treating all team members with respect and fairness, regardless of nationality, skin color, or religion. 

    We are committed to protecting the environment through our recycling, renewable energy, and anti-pollution efforts.

    Our team members are encouraged to be directly involved in the production process and to contribute with their ideas, which are listened to, discussed, and evaluated.

    We value correctness, transparency, tolerance, and continuous improvement. 

    Crazy Farm has implemented an internal regulation and code of ethics to reflect these values.