About us

Crazy Farm is a 17-hectare organic farm and plantation field situated in the village of Mansourah, West Bekaa, Lebanon.

At Crazy Farm, there are approximately 14,000 vines of seedless green and red grapes, 750 trees of walnuts, and a variety of fruit trees, berries, vegetables, and herbs planted.

The activities at the farm also include poultry and cattle farming, beekeeping, and other domestic animals.

Additionally, a carpentry workshop dedicated to manufacturing beehives and recycling old wood furniture and other items have been established at the farm.

Recently, a modern factory was built to dry fruits and vegetables as well as manufacture products such as jam, vinegar, sauces, powders, and other products from fruits and vegetables planted in the region, to support farmers to sell their crops or extend the shelf life of their products.

We aim to be fully organic and to train and employ as many men and women from the region, and in particular, to be an added value for the village and neighborhood.