Our Team


Mr. Fady Jamaleddine

Founding Partner

Mr. Fady Jamaleddine is a Lebanese-Canadian lawyer with more than three decades of experience in his profession. He established his law firm in Beirut and worked tirelessly to achieve success.
However, Mr. Jamaleddine always had a dream of owning a farm where he could escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 
In 2008, Mr. Jamaleddine fulfilled his long-held dream by acquiring a farm in the
village of Mansourah, located in West Bekaa. Over time, Mr. Jamaleddine
continued to develop his farm by adding various projects, including a production
factory, carpentry, and animal farming. Mr. Jamaleddine had a strong desire to
make his farm environmentally friendly and to achieve this, he installed solar
panels to generate electricity from renewable sources. He also added water wells to conserve water and use it for farming purposes.
By taking these steps, Mr. Jamaleddine aimed to minimize the farm impact on the environment and promote sustainability. Additionally, the farm provided job opportunities for many farmers and immigrants, which helped to support their families. 

Mr. Jamaleddine is proud of the positive impact his farm has on the local community, and looks forward to keep helping the hard-working farmers.


Mr. Ramzi Jamaleddine

Managing Partner

Mr. Ramzi Jamaleddine is a Lebanese - Canadian Entrepreneur who pursued his studies in Hospitality and Tourism Management at IMI Luzern in Switzerland and went on to complete his Master Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from EU Business School in Barcelona.

Throughout his career, Mr. Jamaleddine has worked for renowned hotel chains
such as Four Seasons, Movenpick Hotels and Resorts, and Lancaster Hotels,
gaining experience across various departments including Front Office, Human Resources, and Accounting.

In 2023, Mr Jamaleddine moved back to Lebanon and took over the
management of the family business “Crazy Farm” where he is in charge of taking all decisions happening at the farm, factory, carpentry, and all sales, marketing work. Today, Mr. Jamaleddine is in charge of dealing with customers requests and orders as well as communicating with the managers of the farm to ensure the growth and expansion of the farm’s success.


Ms. Tala Jamaleddine

Creative Director - Partner

Tala Jamaleddine is a legal consultant with degrees from England and Lebanon. Her love and fascination for nature blossomed during the quarantine period of COVID-19 and has continued to grow even beyond that time. Nature has now become a significant part of her life and a refreshing break from the corporate world. Her interest in nature expanded when she became involved in her family's business, Crazy Farm, and its production of organic goods. Tala has taken on the role of Creative Director, where she provides input on marketing strategies and new products that Crazy Farm can create.
As Creative Director of Crazy Farm, Tala Jamaleddine's input has had a positive impact on the business. Her love for and interest in nature has inspired the company to place a greater emphasis on sustainability and organic production. Tala's marketing strategies have helped to promote the brand and its products to a wider audience, resulting in increased sales and revenue. Her ideas for new products have also helped to diversify the company's product line and appeal to a broader customer base.

Mr. Karim Jamaleddine


Mr. Karim Jamaleddine is a legal consultant and entrepreneur who holds Lebanese-Canadian citizenship.
He pursued a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing from LAU and subsequently pursued a Master's degree in LLM (International Law) from the University of Northampton in the UK, graduating with honors.
Mr. Jamaleddine initially ventured into the import and export of fruit-based plants from 2012 to 2015.
However, after completing his Master's degree in 2016, he transitioned into the fields of legal consulting and entrepreneurship. As a legal consultant, he offers advice and guidance on various legal matters and
also assists clients in dispute resolution.

Mr. Jamaleddine's diverse background in business and law has enabled him to assist his family business "Crazy Farm" by providing legal and business recommendations and by preparing contracts, legal work as well as  governmental permit applications.

Ms. Nour Al Kadry

Factory Manager

Ms. Nour Al Kadry embarked on her professional journey as a biomedical science
graduate from the Lebanese International University in 2018, laying a strong
foundation for her analytical abilities and problem-solving skills. Ms. Kadry’s
academic repertoire further includes two years of translation studies, equipping
her with effective communication skills and a profound understanding of cultural nuances.
Ms. Kadry’s versatility further extends to the hospitality industry where she served as a supervisor and a general accountant in a hotel. Between 2017 and 2020,  she made a meaningful impact as a teacher, sharing knowledge and inspiring young minds. 
In her most recent role, Ms. Kadry has transitioned into the role of a factory manager at Crazy Farm, a production factory specializing in dry fruits, vegetables, jams, sauces, vinegar, herbal teas, honey, and more. Despite having no previous
experience in this field, Ms. Kadry has remarkably managed to establish the
factory as a reputable brand known for its high-quality products within a short
span of time.

Ms. Nadima Ghannoum

Farm Manager

Ms. Nadima Ghannoum is of Lebanese-Venezuelan origin who studied accounting and management. During her time in Venezuela, she taught Arabic at the Venezolano School.
In 2017, Ms. Ghannoum returned to Lebanon with her three children and began working as the farm manager at Crazy Farm. Ms. Ghannoum is in-charge of managing all employees at the farm, by setting up daily time sheets and tasks and following up to ensure all is up to the farm’s standards. Ms. Ghannoum’s goal is to ensure the farm growth and the well-being of all those involved, treating them as  one big family.

Ms. Mirna Jamaleddine

Sales Executive

Ms. Jamaleddine experience as a Ticketing Counter Supervisor has provided her with a wealth of knowledge in dealing with clients requests and managing stress in fast-paced environments. Her ability to handle various situations with calmness and efficiency has earned her a reputation as a reliable and
effective team member.
As a sales executive at Crazy Farm, Ms. Jamaleddine has found a new outlet to pursue her passion for nature and organic products. Her role involves managing sales at events, fairs, and markets, where she is responsible for promoting Crazy Farm products and services, engaging with potential customers, and
closing deals. Moreover, Ms. Jamaleddine also assists with online orders, ensuring that customers receive their products in a timely and efficient manner.
In addition to her sales responsibilities, Ms. Jamaleddine is also involved in product development at Crazy Farm. Her knowledge of customer preferences and market trends has proven invaluable in helping the company to create new and innovative products that meet the needs of its customers.
Overall, Ms. Jamaleddine experience and passion make her a valuable asset to Crazy Farm. 

Crazy Farm is a 17-hectare organic farm and plantation field situated in the village of Mansourah, West Bekaa, Lebanon.

At Crazy Farm, there are approximately 14,000 vines of seedless green and red grapes, 750 trees of walnuts, and a variety of fruit trees, berries, vegetables, and herbs planted.

The activities at the farm also include poultry and cattle farming, beekeeping, and other domestic animals.

Additionally, a carpentry workshop dedicated to manufacturing beehives and recycling old wood furniture and other items have been established at the farm.

Recently, a modern factory was built to dry fruits and vegetables as well as manufacture products such as jam, vinegar, sauces, powders, and other products from fruits and vegetables planted in the region, to support farmers to sell their crops or extend the shelf life of their products.

We aim to be fully organic and to train and employ as many men and women from the region, and in particular, to be an added value for the village and neighborhood.